Guaranteed first win at Vera&John in September

Vera&John casino have upped their game this September, so if you were waiting for the right opening to join the V&J family, then this is it. What’s more is that they have many terrific offers in store for their customers such as  the Sunday Funday bonus and Ticket to Thrill, all designed to ultimately make you a winner. 

Vera &John have a one of a kind spin called Thrill Spin whose accompanying mantra is ‘spin till you win’. To welcome their new customers into the family this September they have included a £2.50 Thrill Spin into their welcome package. What this essentially means is when you join the V&J family this September and deposit at least £20, you instantly receive a Thrill Spin of £2.50 as part of your welcome package. Now Thrill Spins are a special kind of spin, you get to make as many spins as possible until you win £2.50. What’s more is you pocket every amount, you win before hitting the £2.50 win. So if you make 100 £2 spins before winning the £2.50, then you pocket the £200.

Sunday Funday Bonus and Ticket to Thrill at Vera&John

Guaranteed first win VeraJohnApart from the fantastic £2.50 Thrill Spin, Vera&John have another amazing offer dubbed Sunday Funday that runs throughout the entire month of September. With this offer, you are certainly assured a win. Consider it is as Vera&John’s way of showing you that it takes good care of its customers. Making two or more deposits crowns you eligible for the promo and you can be rewarded with a 25% bonus of up to £50 every Sunday this month for every deposit of at least £10. Sundays are now that much better. 

Vera&John also have another surprise up their sleeves, and it seems like they are determined to make everyone a winner. Even with those to die for offers above, they have still managed to squeeze another irresistible offer to create an overwhelming September package. The Ticket to Thrills promo is one of the most interesting giveaways with a total of £14,000 and 160 Thrill Spins to be split among their customers this September. Using weekly draws, they are picking a few lucky winners to start their weekend with a bang. This could be you. 

To ensure that everyone gets a shot at becoming a winner, they are awarding a ticket for every deposit and wager of £20 you make. Every ticket is an entry to the weekly draw. Fortunately, you can have as many tickets as you please. The more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning. What’s more is that  there is a fresh draw every week so if you missed out on a draw, you could try again the next week. 

Go to Vera&John and claim these offers 

Points to note about the offers at Vera&John

Yes, the offers are awesome but here are a few side notes you need to have before diving right in. When it comes to the welcome package, it is important to note that you will have to turnover the winnings 40 times before you can withdraw them. Just their way of making sure you don’t leave before experiencing their full capabilities. Additionally, it is only the first deposit will qualify for a fantastic £2.50 Thrill Spin, not subsequent deposits.

You can only be eligible for the Sunday Funday bonus after having deposited at least twice. Also since it is a bonus, it carries with it a x40 wagering requirement. You will also qualify for this offer only once a week. So only your first deposit that week earns you a bonus. The Ticket to Thrills promo also has some terms you need to be aware of. For starters, tickets are only valid on the week that they are awarded for the draw on. That is, you need to earn fresh tickets every subsequent week that you want to be eligible for.

12 sep 2017

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