The secret of getting free bonuses

Many of our visitors wonder if there is a secret trick to use to get more free bonuses. There is no secret behind this but there are a lot of strategies that can be used in order to increase the number of free deals you get. First of all you have to search actively. Not many bonuses are just handled out to you. There are a lot of sites online that focuses on free spins and no deposit bonuses. These sites has exclusive deals that has been negotiated and these deals are often only valid if you use special links that can be found on the sites. One of our favourite sites that has a lot of free spins and free bonuses to offer their visitors is At this site you will find many offers that you probably havn't seen or heard of before. Remember to not go directly to the casino if you find an offer. The offer might just be valid if you are using the special bonus links.

If you are active enough and search daily for bonuses but don't find any new ones we have another tip for you. Some casinos likes to reward existing players that have played a lot in the past. This tip will cost you at least one or to deposits but is totally worth it if you are looking for free bonuses for the future. Players that have been active at a casino often get more and better deals when it comes to free spins and free bonuses. If you in the past have shown to be a lucrative player the casino will do everything to get you back in the game again. In order to do this they try to tempt you with free rounds etc.

Our third and last tip is to always say yes to newsletters. In the past we used to miss a lot of offers due to the fact that we didn't receive the newsletter that different casinos sends out to their players. In these newsletter there are always information about on-going campaigns with free spins and bonuses. At some casinos you also have to agree to bonus offers in order to get these. Usually you will find a box under your personal details where you just have to check the box to accept bonuses that are given out to you.

That was all from us this time. Hopefully these tips will be useful for you and that you will get more free bonuses in the future. Remember to always check the top list here at where we always show the latest and best free offers there is online. We also work hard to find new exclusive deals for you that you will get with no deposit required!

11 jun 2014

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