Try the new casino Saga with 250 free spins!

CasinoSaga is a unique online casino that just has opened their doors for new players. At CasinoSaga you don't just get to play on slots and table games. They offer a brand new way of playing casino with at whole new sagaworld. You start your casino saga in SagaVille and get to choose your own casino hero. With this hero you will experience new citys by beating different bosses. When you do this you will earn XPs, free spins and free money! It's hard to explain how this casino works to someone who hasn't tried it. We really recommend you to take a look at CasinoSaga cause you will get surprised if you're just expecting an ordinary new casino. As a new player at CasinoSaga you get up to 250 free spins! When you sign up and make a first deposit you will be rewarded with these free rounds. How many you get depends on how big your deposit is.

Join CasinoSaga and get free rounds!

At CasinoSaga there are many things to experience! As a new player you don't get to play on all slots in the beginning. Some slots are closed and you can only unluck them by beating bosses. When you open these slots you have much bigger chance to win since the Saga Edition games offer higher winnings compared to other casino sites. At this casino you also get to see the history of a slot before you start play. This gives you the opportunity to select a slot that has paid out well when others has played it. As you understand CasinoSaga is like no other casino. And the best thing is that they have taken away all bonuses and focused on free spins instead!






4 jun 2014

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