Types of free bonuses

In this posts we're gonna raise the topic types of free bonuses. As we discussed in earlier posts the free bonus you are gonna look for is a no deposit bonus. This free bonus is totally for and acutally give you as a player a free chance to win real money on online casino. There is another kind of free bonus that casinos often offer. You can here and there read things like "Play for 750$ for free". Already here you should start to get suspicious. No one would ever give this big amount away for free. The thing with these kinds of bonuses is that you get a big amount to play for for an hour. But you don't get to keep your winnings. It can at most give you 10$ and then you probably have to make a deposit to even get to make a withdrawl.

As we recommended before, always read terms and condition when taking a free bonus. This make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and you won't be dissapointed if you win big and don't get to withdrawl. It's another thing when you grab a welcome offer with a no deposit bonus of 10$. Ofcourse there's always T&C linked to this free bonus but you mostly get to keep your winnings. Just make sure you play through the free bonus a couple of times. This is often standard when taking i no deposit bonus.

We also recommend you to play responsibly. If you don't win for a while, take a break and do something else. Otherwise you might get impation and irrational and you risk loosing even more. In the end the house (almost) always win. But if you can stop play when you are on top you don't risk that. But avoid to think that you can win back your lost money.

9 jul 2013

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